Lost in venice

Walking around Venice

Wandering around the small winding passages, walking with the sweet sound of the water drumming against the stone. There is a secret magic to Venice, maybe it is the lack of cars, the small streets that wind themselves in to one another, the emotionless faces in the shops coved head to toe in colours and beads.  

A day in Venice, what a day you will have, one you won’t forget too soon. The first thing to do is to put away your map…you won’t need it, the best thing to do in Venice is to get utterly lost. Start your day by wandering to the Saint Mark’s Cathedral, feel free loos your self on the way, your way. Once you have found this stunning piece of architecture, take it in, go inside if you wish, it will cost you and then look out over the lagoon. Then wander down some of the smaller streets that lead away from the square and you will find some small local cafes that won’t cost you too much as well as some great little pizza places. After you have had some fantastic Italian pizzas, you can wind your way to Riva degli schiavoni, once you have reached that long street overlooking the open water. If you walk all the way along this street you will come to a beautiful little park, it is wonderfully cool in the summer and there is a small public book box nailed on to a tree, so you can sit in the cool of the trees and read a good book. when the sun goes down, go and find a place to sit next to a lagoon, sitting under the moonlight with the beating of the water and soft rumbles of the boats is a wonderful experience and is a perfect way to end any day in Venice.

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